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i-Tree Species is designed to help urban foresters select the most appropriate tree species based on the species potential environmental services and geographic area. Users select and rank the importance (0-10) of each environmental service desired from trees. The program then calculates the best tree species based on the user-provided weighting of environmental benefits of tree species at maturity.

Species are selected based on three types of information:

  1. Hardiness – as determined by state and city.
  2. Mature height – user specified minimum and maximum heights.
  3. Environmental factors – ranked from 0 to 10:
    • Air pollution removal
    • Air temperature reduction
    • Ultraviolet radiation reduction
    • Carbon storage
    • Pollen allergenicity
    • Building energy conservation
    • Wind reduction
    • Stream flow reduction (storm water management)

The combination of hardiness, mature height, and desired functionality produces a ranked list of recommended species suited for local use that maximizes environmental services. This list should be considered a beginning rather than an end as it will need to be whittled down to meet local needs and limitations. Relevant cultural needs should be taken into account as well. For more information and to learn about the methods used to create i-Tree Species, review the Help section.

While i-Tree and its partners do not endorse any specific web-browser, i-Tree Species has been tested to work well with modern versions of Chrome, Firefox and Edge. Please, use the Feedback form to report issues.

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