Welcome to i-Tree Species!

This tool helps you select the most appropriate tree species based on their potential tree benefits and your geographic area.

How to use it:

Choose your location, then select and rank the importance from 0 to 10 of each desired tree benefit.

Species selections will be based on three types of information:

  1. Hardiness – as determined by state and city.
  2. Mature height – user specified minimum and maximum heights.
  3. Environmental factors – ranked from 0 to 10:
    • Carbon storage
    • Air pollution removal
    • Storm water impacts
    • Building energy conservation
    • Air temperature reduction
    • Ultraviolet radiation reduction
    • Pollen allergenicity
    • Wind reduction

The tool outputs a ranked list of recommended species suited for local use that maximizes tree benefits.

  • The list is based on a combination of hardiness, mature height, and desired benefits.
  • Consider this list starting point as it will need to be whittled down to meet local and cultural needs and limitations.
  • For more information and to learn about the methods used to create i-Tree Species, review the Help documentation.

i-Tree® does not endorse any specific web-browser, has been tested with modern versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Please, use the Feedback form to report issues. i-Tree is a registered trademark.

Warning: This tool can be very data intensive. It is not recommended for use on metered plans.

If i-Tree is not yet supported in your region, contact us to explore opportunities for funding collaboration.

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